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An innvandrer from the United States married to a Norwegian with three fantastic Norwegian-American kids.


The Narrow Road

Publisert nesten 9 år siden
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Tro bør ikke stå over samfunnets lover. Så enkelt er det. Mvh Sverre

It is unfortunate you didn't have the chance to mention that to Bonhoeffer.  You could have saved his life.

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In God We Trust

Publisert nesten 9 år siden

I agree with Ottosen. Maybe it is time that we put our faith ahead of our money wallets and say farewell to state economic support. What is so difficult with that?  "it's a lot of money!" But don't we have a great Heavenly Father who promises to take care of his own?  Who are we putting our trust in, and why? 

Yes, we pay taxes, too. Let the state use the money faith societies will no longer receive to take care of the needy, in Norway and beyond.  

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Thanks, Dan and Lars...

Publisert over 10 år siden
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Takk for ett flott knippe observasjoner,du får nok fortsatt ta oss på godt og vondt:)

My wife certainly has to take me 'paa godt og vondt', also!

I appreciate what you wrote, Lars.  Even though I haven't lived in the United States for many, many years, and really don't see myself as being very American in many of my viewpoints and attitudes (I think that a national health care system is the way to go, for example), I still carry around my own backpack of attitudes and filtered lenses.  The clashes and discussions that my wife and I have often come from us wearing different backpacks. We actually found it easier when we lived in a third culture together (in Asia).  

I think that, deep down, I truly wish I could be totally accepted as Thomas who calls Norway 'home'.  I never will be a Norwegian, and I know that I will always be seen as the funny little American man who lives down the street or who goes to our church.  But I hope that someday I will be able to participate in the 17. mai parade without one of my Norwegian friends asking me what they should say to me, since they can't say "gratulerer med dagen" to me.  They don't realize how much I see Norway as my home, as my country.

I've lived more years outside of my homeland than inside; I am an observer of American culture and events as much as I am of Norwegian culture and events.  An outsider has the priviledge of seeing things from a new or unexpected vantage point, which, as you wrote, Lars, can be advantageous.  What an outsider gains in vantage point, loses in a sense of true connectedness with a culture.  I am pretty much okay with that, since my multicultural mix allows me to more readily see that my citizenship lies not in Norway nor in America, but in heaven, in God's kingdom.  And I think that is the vantage point all of us who call Jesus our master that allows us to see all cultures, all national and world events, with the proper perspective.  

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Publisert over 10 år siden
Lene Bernsen – gå til den siterte teksten.

Akkurat nå snakkes det ikke pent om Norge i utlandet. Blame game. Men sannheten er at ABB også er et resultat av en global internett verden, en imperalisme tanke ikke skapt i Norge, men i utlandet.

Hi, Lene, and thanks for your honest input.  You are completely correct in stating that ABB received impulses and influences from other sources other than his upbringing in Norway.  It would be interesting to learn at what age ABB began checking things out on the net to explore extremist views. 

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Dear Morten, Knut, and Ole David,

Thank you for all of your comments.  As you may have discovered, I am more comfortable writing in English (I started Norwegian lessons too late in life) but I do understand the written language (bokmål, i hvert fall).  So it was quite fine to respond in Norwegian, though Ole David, your written English is exemplary! 

Morten, I realize the term 'an intolerance of tolerance' is slightly ambiguous; that's what I get for writing at three in the morning.  My thinking was that there appears to be a growing intolerance in the political debate toward the tolerant expression of diverse views and voices, whether left, center or right, which do not follow the (reigning) party ideology.  I apologize if my words were (or are) vague. 

Knut, thank you for your encouragement and taking the time to respond. I believe that what you wrote mirrors my concerns for the Norwegian people .  You clearly underscored a number of the issues that I inferred in my article without my naming them.  I hope to share some more thoughts about these in the coming days. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts as well.

Ole David (I'm looking forward to reading your new article 'Hva er norsk kultur'), thank you for your keen insights.  As a partial response to your thoughts, I have this to leave you with: that Behring Breivik was not incubated in a vaccuum, but within the context of the societal influences he was born into; he is the pure product of a number of the values which many Norwegians hold dear.  Behring Breivik is Norwegian born and bred, though one on steroids (both ideologically and literally).  Any inference to this man not being one of us, or any distancing we do from him, alleviates us from the responsibility of examining our own inner fears, dark thoughts and screaming consciences.  There is a little piece of Behring Breivik in all of us, if I may be so blunt. 

And all of us (whether through the collective process of changing or preserving social norms, or those who specifically had the potential of influencing him at some point in his life) are to some degree responsible for who he is.  Behring Breivik of course is solely accountable before God for his deplorable actions. I'm not meaning to dump condemnation on specific individuals, but come on!  There had to be someone out there who saw some warning signs of what was going on in Behring Breivik's life but failed to step in or respond.  Or maybe someone did step in, but the gentleman refused the help.  Whatever the case, this situation should pull us tighter together as a nation in the name of corporate responsibility and personal accountability. 

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