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Et islam-krenkende bilde på Facebook . . .

Publisert: 21. mar 2018

Patras Masih, 18 år, kristen, ble i februar i år beskyldt av muslimer for å ha postet et bilde på Facebook som anklagerne mente var blasfemi. En stor folkemengde (3000, sier en kilde) samlet seg utenfor hjemmet hans utenfor Lahore i Pakistan og krevde at Patras skulle halshugges. Åtte hundre kristne i landsbyen ble redde og flyktet fra hjemmene sine av frykt for at de skulle bli brent inne; også en forholdsvis vanlig straff for kristne.

Noen dager senere ble Patras og en fetter av ham, Sajid på 24 år, også kristen, innkalt til forhør hos politiet. Under forhøret forsøkte politiet å tvinge fetteren til å ha sex med Patras. Sajid nektet dette, og rømte gjennom et vindu (4. etasje) for å slippe unna. Han fikk store skader i fallet. Patras ble fengslet på ukjent sted. (Kilder: m/flere)

Ytringsfriheten har meget trange kår i mange land, og særlig utsatt er kristne. Måtte Norge aldri gi etter for krefter som vil kneble denne friheten. (Jf. også eksempler i innlegget Krenkelser og ytringsfrihet, publisert på Verdidebatt 18. mars.)

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Daniel Hehir

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Freedom of speech is under threat in the West

Publisert 12 måneder siden

Lauren Southern will attest to that.  Vebjørn Selbekk will attest to it.  Theo van Gogh would attest to that.  Charlie Hebdo would attest to that.  Kurt Westergaard will attest to that.  William Nygaard will attest to that.  Jayda Fransen will attest to that.  Tommy Robinson will attest to that.  Salman Rushdie will attest to that. Mona Walter in Sweden will attest to that.  Ayaan Hirsi will attest to that. Sam Harris will attest to that.   ...The list goes on and on.  Yes, and even Sylvi Listhaug will attest to that.

Is it not strange that the threat of violence,  or being labeled as a racist,  the threat of death or imprisonment pressures us into silence.  And the fear of being stamped with the newly coined word "islamophob" forces most of us to rather simply remain quiet.   Look at the word,  a "phobia" ...  a sickness, almost as if to say .. we really have nothing to fear from Islam.... (...)  Even the HEF in Norway has generally chosen to remain silent and choose not to criticize Islam.  When not too long ago they were aggressively attacking Christianity. Are even they, out of fear, also forced to be silent. ... I just wonder.  

When we see even our own politicians trying to stifle the debate. Legislature around the world, is moving in the direction of suppressing criticism of Islam.  Isn't this also driven out of fear. Fear of islamic retaliation as we saw in 2005 because of a simple drawing of a prophet with a bomb in his turban. Or a silly little film that triggered the Benghazi attacks, (at least that was the lie we were served by Hillary Clinton)

If we go a step further to the root of the problem. What is the reason for the violence against those who choose to speak out against a religious ideology.  A topic that few are willing to talk about. Well the reason is to be found in the Koran itself.  Without going into any direct references of page and paragraph, we all know that the threat of violence and death is alive and well within its pages.

We have all registered the violation (racism) we face to directly criticize muslims, although a muslim is not and never will be a "race" in any respect.  I do not to this here. I am careful not to do that.  But a 1400 year old book of ideas and beliefs must, if we are to retain our beloved freedom of speech, must be open to criticism. And this open criticism is something that few of its followers are willing to hear. Although granted, at least I hope, not  many muslims would be willing to resort to violence (at least not in the western world) to protect their holy book from being criticized. 

As the debate creeps towards the western world. Canada has now working on regulations to implement  something called M-103. Just google it. And again you'll see that the spreading of so called "hate speech" is being considered made illegal.  The "red line" is not finished being defined as to just where it should be drawn however. 

Had the Koran been written today, it would most likely have been banned from publication. Why?  Because it promotes violence. Violence towards Jews.  Towards non-believers. Towards homosexuals. Towards apostates. Toward women. Towards blasphemers.     ... Or am I wrong ?     What would I be called in today's "politically correct" verbatim if I should say that a certain race was "descendants of apes and pigs"  or even worse to promotes the killing of a certain race or certain followers of another religion.  Would there be any liberal outcry ...  ...  mon tro ?

So now I ask,  .. and the question is looming on the horizon for everyone with a will towards freedom of speech,    Should the Koran be made illegal.  If we (the West) should first go so far as to ban any form for hate speech, should we not also go to the full length and ban a book that in its very pages, promotes actively through the texts of Sharia law and the hadiths, violence towards any other person or persons, persons of certain sexual orientation, belief or disbelief in one god or another, or to resort to stoning of an unfaithful wife, cutting off of hands and feet for theft, etc. etc. etc.

Islam needs to be picked apart intellectually.  Dismantled. Broken down into bits and pieces. Just as Christianity was and still is going through. We, as a free thinking liberal society, need to wake up and wake up right now.  Because what we see happening in the western world today, this is only the beginning. Things are going to get worse, much worse  .... IMHO

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